Management Team

Dr Hasib Ur-Rub


Dr Hasib Ur-Rub is a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practice and has been a GP at Chislehurst Medical Practice since 1991.  Hasib is the Chairman of the Bromley GP Alliance having set the organisation up in 2015.  He was the prime motivator in the founding of the organisation.  In addition to his… Read more »

Dr Kelly O’Loughlin


Dr Kelly O’Loughlin moved to Bromley in 2007 to complete her General Practice Training locally. She has remained in Bromley working as a salaried GP and then a partner at local practices. She was a member of the steering group which developed Bromley GP Alliance Ltd and has been there since its inception. Her current… Read more »

Dr Bridget Hopkins


Bridget has been a GP partner at Stock Hill Medical Centre since 2000, having completed her GP training locally in Bromley. She joined the Alliance in September 2019 as the GP PCN lead and has recently joined the board of Directors. As well as these roles, she is a PA trainer in her own practice.… Read more »

Dr Nicola Pascall


Nicky joined the Bromley GP training scheme in 1998, after finishing her medical training in Southampton.  In 2002 she became a partner at The Woodlands Practice, Chislehurst.  In 2019 she joined the Bromley GP Alliance on the board of directors. She is excited at the prospect of helping the organisation to develop current and future… Read more »

Dr Peter Barker


Dr Peter Barker is a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners and has been a GP Partner at the Green Street Green Medical Centre since 1996. Prior to that he was a GP in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire after completing GP Training in Guildford. Peter has been a GP Trainer since 2000 and was… Read more »

Dr David Jennings


David currently works as a salaried GP at Broomwood Health Centre in Orpington, alongside another role at the Beckenham Beacon Urgent Care Centre. He trained in Tunbridge Wells and Dorset and has a background in Paediatrics, Palliative Care and Tropical Medicine. He joined the Bromley GP Alliance on the Board of Directors in January 2020. He is passionate about optimising the… Read more »

Clare Ross

Chief Executive Officer

Clare has worked for BGPA for nearly four years, and has been the CEO for the past year. She is also CEO for our partner organisation BETH. Prior to joining BGPA, Clare worked for over ten years in practice management and primary care commissioning and service redesign.

Janet Edmonds

Chief Operating Officer

Janet has recently joined Bromley GP Alliance having spent the majority of her career within healthcare both in the private sector and the NHS working in a range of settings across commissioning and health provider/hospital services. Key areas of work include working with local partners to design and deliver safe and effective healthcare services to… Read more »

Corporate Team

Brian Dorgan

Finance and Communications Manager

Brian is a Qualified Accountant with over 20 years of Accounting and Bookkeeping experience across several industries from Media to Theatre. He started to work for Bromley GP Alliance as a Freelance Bookkeeper in February 2017. As the business grew Brian joined the team on a part-time basis from October 2017. Brian looks after the… Read more »


Executive Assistant to Management Team

Debbie has worked for Bromley GP Alliance since May 2016.  Debbie is the Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive, the Chairman and the Directors.  Debbie’s responsibilities also include corporate duties and she has a large involvement in our organisational compliance.  Debbie worked for number years in the NHS as a Midwife, previous to this she… Read more »

Alexandra Ross

Finance and Communications Administrator

Alexandra started working at BGPA in August 2018.  Alex works with Brian to provide finance and communications support. She helps with the daily administrative finance tasks and helps manage the Bromley GP Alliance social media accounts.

Access Hub Team

Viv Barnett

Access Hub Manager

Viv has worked for Bromley GP Alliance as the Service Manager for the access hubs since December 2017, following 4 years working in a GP surgery environment.  Prior to this she was a research consultant co-ordinating multilingual employee surveys in over 40 countries.    


Hub Administrator and Reception Manager

Helen has worked at Bromley GP Alliance since February 2018 and has responsibility for Hub Administration alongside Paula Bathgate, reporting into Viv Barnett, Hub Service Manager.  Helen also carries out the role of Reception Manager, with day to day responsibility for all Hub Receptionists.


Hub Administrator

Paula has worked for Bromley GP Alliance since July 2017 and has responsibility for the Hub Administration alongside Helen Magee-Brown.  Paula works part-time (Monday-Wednesday) and reports to Viv Barnett, Hub Service Manager.

Services Team

Sophie Michael

Services Manager

Sophie has worked for Bromley GP Alliance since March 2018 and recently took on the role of Service Manager. Sophie is responsible for a range of primary care based services including Phlebotomy, Dermatology, and Headache. Prior to this she worked in the Urgent Care Centres in Bromley for over 5 years.    

Julie Jacques

Services Manager

Julie has worked in the GP OOH service since its inception in late 1995; firstly as a call handler working evening weekends, progressing to a Supervisor and then eventually becoming the Service Manager. She has recently taken on the role of Service Manager for Health Checks and Vasectomy Services.

Sarah Humphrey

Service Administrator

Sarah has worked for Bromley GP Alliance since March 2016 and works alongside Sophia and Isabelle providing administrative support to the Vasectomy, Dermatology, Headache and Phlebotomy services.  Sarah works part-time (Tuesday-Thursday) and reports to Sophie Michael, Services Manager. Prior to this she worked for 15 years in Corporate Banking.

Isabelle Kent

Service Administrator

Isabelle started working for the Bromley GP Alliance in October 2019. Before this she worked as a receptionist and was the Palliative Care Admin Lead for a Bromley GP practice for 3 years. She works alongside Sophia booking the phlebotomy clinic as well as helping with daily administrative tasks for the services BGPA offers.

Sophia Leonti

Booking Clerk/Administrator

Sophia has worked for the GP Alliance since December 2017 as Receptionist and recently took on the role of Booking Clerk/Administrator for the Phlebotomy clinic.  Sophia helps with the daily administration tasks of the Vasectomy, Dermatology, Headache and Phlebotomy services.