Al-Emaan Mosque aids in the COVID-19 vaccination drive in Bromley

February marked the month where a Keston Mosque, Al-Emaan Centre, became one of the first within the country to offer their space in order to drive forward the COVID vaccination programme.

Working in collaboration with the mosque, the Bromley Commissioning Group and Bromley GP Dr Omar Taha, Bromley GP Alliance were proud to be able to promote the importance of healthcare working alongside local communities. Two clinics have taken place at this Mosque, the first on 6 February and the second on 27 February, both of which were met with incredible success and praise.

The idea came from Dr Taha, who has been the driving force behind the implementation of the clinics at the mosques. Speaking about the Mosque operating as a vaccination clinic to benefit Bromley residents, Dr Taha said, “Integral to the Mosque ethos is community support, so when the opportunity arose to assist the Covid-19 vaccination drive, we were keen to do what we could to help. As Muslims, a core principle of the faith is to care for and support our community and people of all faiths and backgrounds.”

“This was wonderfully illustrated by the overwhelming number of Mosque volunteers who offered to help when the call went out. It has been great to work with NHS South East London Clinical Commissioning Group, the Bromley GP Alliance and other health and care partners to push and support the vaccine drive. We believe in this vaccine, and we believe in its safety and efficacy”.

Chair of Bromley GP Alliance and supporting GP Dr Hasib Ur-Rub, said: “Collaborating with the Mosque illustrates the strong partnerships we have in Bromley, which are critical in helping us to reach and encourage people from all ethnicities and backgrounds to be vaccinated. The clinic is open to everyone in the borough.”

“The Covid-19 virus does not discriminate against age, gender, race, religion or background. Each person has a moral duty to protect their own health as well as an ethical duty to protect those around them and a responsibility for the sustainable use of the NHS. We can try and shield from the virus, develop natural immunity with all the risk that that carries, or we can do the right thing and get vaccinated.

“Clinical staff working across Bromley in hospitals, GP practices and vaccination hubs continue to do a remarkable job and have vaccinated tens of thousands of Bromley residents so far. The Bromleag Care Practice run by the Bromley GP Alliance, has vaccinated care home residents and staff, and is working with partners such as the Bromley Homeless Shelter to offer vaccines to everyone who is eligible. We will continue to offer more vaccination clinics at the Mosque and other convenient locations across the borough to help protect and save lives”.

To find out more information regarding the COVID-19 vaccination programme in Bromley, please visit our website

For information regarding Bromley and South-East London please visit, and for information regarding COVID-19 please visit the official NHS website.

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