Covid-19 FAQs

The COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective and give you the best protection against coronavirus. Getting fully vaccinated is the single most important step we can take to protect ourselves, our families and our communities against coronavirus.

The first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine offers a high level of protection, but to get maximum and longer-lasting protection, the second jab is vital.

Our FAQs provide you with the answers to our most frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 vaccination.

The NHS Vaccine Facts website also answers common questions South East Londoners have had about the COVID vaccine, and what happened when local people had the jab.

St Edwards Closure FAQs

Why are you closing the vaccination clinic at St Edwards Church?

The church is no longer able to accommodate the vaccination clinic as it needs the space to restart the usual church activities run from that venue.  We are incredibly grateful to everyone involved in the church for their help in supporting the NHS vaccination programme over the last few months.  The St Edward’s clinic will close on 31 August 2021.

Will you still provide a vaccination clinic in Mottingham?

From Monday 20th September, the vaccination site will move to Coldharbour Leisure Centre.

I got my first dose at St Edward’s – where will I go for my second dose?

Patients will be informed about the change in venue when invited for their vaccine (both first and second doses), you will go to the Coldharbour Leisure Centre.

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